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10 Latest Photoshop Tutorials To Help You Learn New Techniques

Photoshop is a necessary tool for every web designer. Therefore, I have collected some best and latest Photoshop tutorials that you can use to make all sorts of designs including ecommerce web design, custom web design, blog designs etc. You can produce new designs by learning new techniques from these tutorials.  Check them out and leave your comments!!!

Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop

How to Make a Highly-Textured Site Layout in Photoshop

Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout

RocknRolla Blog Design

Web Design Layout 14

Awesome Portfolio Design

How to Create a Unique Wordpress Theme

Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch

Create a Grungy, Translucent Web Portfolio Design

How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop



#1 web designer on 07.21.10 at 9:44 am

Thanks for u r information

its very useful

#2 cwwallis on 07.22.10 at 3:28 am

I like seeing the integration of photoshop and building the wordpress themes

#3 Web Design Company Dubai on 07.22.10 at 12:27 pm

Really a nice design, thanks for sharing this with us..

#4 Web Design Hippo on 08.04.10 at 10:56 am

Thanks, these site tutorials look great.

I liked ‘web design layout 14′ Nice and clean looking.

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