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Character Illustration In Custom Web Design

Use of character illustration makes your custom web design more appealing. It is an easy way to brighten up your site and make it more captivating but only if it is utilized properly. The content of your website is of great importance but to make your website successful, you need a beautifully designed site with unique and excellent content.  Listed below is a collection of few websites that make use of character illustration. Surely you will like this new and emerging trend of custom web design.


Ewout Van Lambalgen




PSD Rockstar

Mail Chimp




Sean Halpin

The Color Cure



#1 Las Vegas Web Design on 07.07.10 at 2:58 am

Great templates. very very cool. Las Vegas Web Design

#2 The Web Pro on 07.12.10 at 10:34 pm

Good website design is about capturing attention and putting the focus of your visitor on what the most important aspects of the site really are. You can use character illustrations to do that, but it should always be beneficial in some way to the design of the website and to what you’re really selling to the visitor. Just by itself, illustration doesn’t make a website professional though. Case in point, look at “PSD Rockstar” above in the list where the illustration just seems to take up valuable space.

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