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Examples Of Using Red Color In Custom Web Design

Red is a warm and bold color having lots of impact. This color is having several meanings like love, anger, danger etc.  Red color can grab visitor’s attention when it’s being used in custom web design. Listed below are some excellent websites using red color to strengthen their message. This post will also help you to get inspiration to fulfill the demand of your client to use red color in the website.

reveal reel


Alex Flueras




Here, File File!


Take the Walk

McMillers Sweets Emporium

10 Latest Photoshop Tutorials To Help You Learn New Techniques

Photoshop is a necessary tool for every web designer. Therefore, I have collected some best and latest Photoshop tutorials that you can use to make all sorts of designs including ecommerce web design, custom web design, blog designs etc. You can produce new designs by learning new techniques from these tutorials.  Check them out and leave your comments!!!

Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop

How to Make a Highly-Textured Site Layout in Photoshop

Create a Professional Web 2.0 Layout

RocknRolla Blog Design

Web Design Layout 14

Awesome Portfolio Design

How to Create a Unique Wordpress Theme

Design a Beautiful Website From Scratch

Create a Grungy, Translucent Web Portfolio Design

How to Make a Vibrant Portfolio Web Design in Photoshop

Examples Of Appealing Ecommerce Web Designs To Give You Inspiration Part1

I have been writing posts on different elements of website designing to inspire you by giving new ideas and giving examples. In this blog you will find posts written on custom web design, ecommerce web designing, search engine marketing, web application development and other designing elements. In this post you will see some of the best and appealing ecommerce website designs. I hope these example designs will inspire you to create your own unique website specifically for ecommerce.

Unique Navigation Menu Styles For Custom Web Design

When you are designing a blog or a website, you should look around to get inspiration and also search internet to get new idea that you can use. You might have noticed that most of the websites have almost same navigation menu that doesn’t appeal. In this post I’m sharing some unique and awesome navigation menu styles that you can consider for your custom web design. You will find many useful resources in this blog regarding website designing, development and search engine marketing. So explore our blog and feel free to comment.


Portfolio de Guillaume Pacheco



Nando Designer



Custom Web Design


Blue Moon


Sarah Hyland

Games for Her By You

Viget Extend

Skatepark Hattingen/Ruhr

Thomas Prior

Von Dutch Originals

Best Custom Web Designs Of 2010

We always try to bring you the best website designs from around the world. We have categories specific for custom web design, ecommerce web design, CSS etc.  In this post you will find some of the best websites designed in 2010 and I’m sure you can get great inspiration from these sites. Check them out and feel free to leave a comment.

Amo Muito


Studio Wolf

Poster Roast

Mam Startup

Name Checklist

A Love For Design

Paper Wireframes

Bundle Hunt

Le Chti


Twelve South

Jack Jaselli


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