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10+ Online Tools To Improve Communication With Customers

To run an ecommerce website successfully, you need to satisfy your customer. The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overlooked in ecommerce web design. Always watch out customer’s feedback after every transaction and improve your products and services. Given below are some free and paid online tools to help you improve communication with your customers. Check them out and feel free to share your reviews here.











10+ Video Tutorials For Creating Vibrant Motions

Creating vibrant motions, 3D effects smoke trails is really cool and every graphic designer must know how to do it. There are various softwares that allow you to create effects in videos and also in images.  Nowadays, most of websites contains videos and flash content to capture visitor’s attention. I have seen some designers using such effects in ecommerce web design also.  Listed below are few best video tutorials for creating vibrant motions. Hope you’ll like it and it will help you to learn something new.

1-Create a MoGraph Urban Jungle – Day 1


2-Realistic Gun Blow Back – Simulate a blow back action from a small firearm

3-Smoke Trails – Create realistic smoke trails with Particular particles

4-Skin Displacement – Simulate the look of bugs crawling under the skin

5-Energy – Create a complex energy scene with CC particle world

6-Disintegration – Build a furious procedural Disintegration effect in AE

7-Advanced Car Hit – Create a realistic vehicle collision with body damage

8-DVD Authoring – Create a DVD menu and export for DVD authoring

9-EarthQuake with 32bpc – Create an easy earthquake expression with controller

10-Meteor Crash AE p2 – Composite 3D Debris and create meteor smoke trail

11-3D Light Casting – Create an energy-ball that re-lights the road surface

12-Soul Removal – Create Energy particle system in After Effects

20+ Awesome Navigation Menus To Enhance Usability Of Your Website

Usability is a crucial goal of any website and easy navigation is something every ecommerce web design needs. Without meaningful, attractive and usable navigation, your website becomes all but useless. The menus of every ecommerce website need to be simple enough for the user to understand, but also contain the meaningful elements to guide the visitor through the website.

Listed below are 20+ awesome navigation menus with creativity and good design thrown in to grab visitors’ attention and make them stay on your website a little more.

1-Fundo Los Paltos

2-Guillaume Pacheco

3-Water’s Edge Media


5-Sefton TransMail

6-Deren Keskin

7-Play Attitude


9-Prazsky Majales

10-Pure Image Photography

11-Morgan Ranch Inc.

12-Stone Skipper

13-South Creative


15-Revolution Driving Tuition

16- Bridge55

17- Pixel Resort

18- Digital Artifex

19- Aisha


21- Vegas Uncorked

22- Panic Coda