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76+ Most Creative and Beautiful Social Bookmarking Icons Collection of 2010

    Eye-catching social bookmarking icons are a big plus point for a website. If social bookmarking icons are attractive then probabilities of website visitors clicking on them get increases which help everybody to split, promote and bookmark your content. Social Media Is a really great way to boost your traffic and adding great looking icons that match web design of your site may help increase social bookmarks.

    This article is a list of the best, creative, and extremely beautiful Social Bookmark Icon Sets for your web sites or blogs. Here they are:

    1. Chococons

    2. Drink Web 2.0

    3. Web 2.0rigami

    4. Handycons 2 – another free hand drawn icon set

    5. Web 2.0 3D Social Bookmarking Icons

    6. Social Media Stars Icon Set

    7. Social 2 Duo

    8. Social media icons

    9. CS Social Icons – Elegancy speaks!

    10. Set of social grunge icons

    11. Extended set of social icons

    12. 3D Glossy Black Button Social Networking Icons

    13. Transparent Glass Text Effect, Icons, and Photoshop Layer Styles

    14. Free Hand Color Stroked icon pack

    15. Glossy Waxed Wood Social Networking Icons

    16. Ultra Glossy Silver Button Social Media Icons

    17. Matte White Square Social Networking Icons

    18. Web Social icon set

    19. Handycons – a free, hand drawn social media icon set

    20. Socialize Icons

    21. Nurture Social Icon Set

    22. Location: Free Social Media Icon Set

    23. Aquaticus.Social

    24. Social Bookmark Iconset

    25. Web 2 Icons

    26. WHITE MAGIK Social Icon Pack

    27. A Social Icon Set For Bloggers

    28. Extended Set of Social Iconst

    29. Set of Social Icons

    30. Antique Social Media Icons

    31. Social Icons Hand Drawned

    32. FreeHand ColorStroked Icon Pac

    33. Silver Button Social Media

    34. 108 Glowing Neon Social Media

    35. Green Jelly Social Media

    36. Silver Social Media Icons

    37. WHITE MAGIK – social icons

    38. Magic Marker Icons

    39. 108 Red Pearl Soc. Media Icons

    40. 154 Clear Bubble Icons

    41. Circle Social Bookmark Icons

    42. Free Social Icon Pack: Bevel Lite

    43. 16 Social Media Icons

    44. ocial Icons Made of Wood

    45. DelliCream + DelliCake Icon

    46. (max)Icone Blog

    47. Social Bookmarking Icons

    48. 24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: Handy

    49. Aquaticus.Social

    50. Social Bookmark Iconset

    51. 24 Free Social Bookark Icons

    52. Social Bookmark Icons by Fast Icon

    53. Free Vector – Social Bookmarking Icon

    54. Social Bookmark Icon Set

    55. 108 Blue and White Pearl Social Bookmarking Icons

    56. Web 2.0rigami – I Am Paddy

    57. – jwloh

    58. Social Icon Set – Stylelion

    59. Social Media Mini Iconpack – Komodo Media

    60. Social Icons Made of Wood –

    61. Web 2 Icons – Fast Icon

    62. 13 free social bookmark icons for your blogs – Edward de Leau

    63. Social Bookmark Icons – Fast Icon

    64. Social Web Buttons – WebFruits Blog

    65. Social Networking Icons – AODdesign

    66. Aquaticus.Social – jwloh

    67. 34 Social Bookmark Buttons – SoulVisual

    68. Social Bookmark Iconset

    69. Function Free Icon Set

    70. Social Web Buttons, (2 Set)

    71. Social Bookmark Iconset: Part II

    72. 6 Social Icons

    73. Function Icon Set


    75. WebDev Social Bookmark

    76. Website Icons Vol.1 by bigkobe

    77. Web 2.0rigami

    78. Social Post Stamps: Free icon set



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I like the blue and white social bookmarking. Cool collections. Las Vegas Web Design

#2 Company Logo Design on 09.20.10 at 9:52 am

Wow its a awesome icons design work i like this.keep it up and thanks for share such a creative icons post on your blog.

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